We set out early this morning, dragging myself out of bed even though the sun was already up. The days are getting longer now that June has come upon us. As we get ready our dog, Ginsey, seems to sense something is going on. This will be the first time leaving her for more than a couple hours.

We take the bridge from Detroit to Windsor to begin out trip. I don’t remember the last time I took the bridge, I prefer the tunnel but this will put us closer to the road we need to take. Plus it ends up giving some early morning entertainment when some dude in a dodge charger decides to try and pass us by going into an oncoming traffic lane and then getting detained by border patrol.


Canada never feels like another country to me. The road to Niagara falls feels like the drive Up North to Traverse City. There’s long stretches of green with the occasional house popping up, tall trees regaining their summer foliage, and gas stations. The only thing that reminds me that I’m in Canada is the huge red and white maple leaves flag and the fact that the resting stations are cleaner than the ones back home.

There’s few road signs which make navigating without GPS a bit difficult. While it’s by no means close to traveling like Kerouac or Jack London but it does give an essence of excitements having to be on the lookout and noticing things that you may not have before like the Crown on the road signs.

Surprisingly the room is ready when we arrive about noon. It feels right being in a hotel in early June, I’ve done it for so many years. Each one has had a pretty incredible view; Parisian roofs, the streets of New York City, Albert Docks in Liverpool. This one in Canada has a great view of both falls.


We don’t waste any time and walk down to see the falls. The road is a steep incline that gets progressively cooler with every step. Once we get to the bottom the view is amazing and even from where we stand the mist still dampens us.

After taking quite a few pictures and browsing shops for gift ideas we have lunch at the Hard Rock Café. I know this isn’t a special local place, they’re everywhere. But I’ve collected the guitar pins since I was Eleven and with a case full of them I have no intention of stopping now.

Once we eat we walk up Clifton Hill back to the hotel. The roads here remind me of San Francisco, steep and rolling down to the water. The street itself is covered in bright lights and oddities. A Guinness World Record Museum which has the chair of the world’s tallest man, multiple haunted houses, each one claiming to give you the best fright in Niagara. You can also see King Kong climbing the Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum. I have no real interest in going in any of these places but it is interesting to see so many of them on one street. I’m most drawn to the Niagara Brewing Company and my love of Craft Beer beckons me to go in. But I decide to save that for the next day, knowing I can pick up some gifts there as well.


Some misdirection takes us through a kind of sketchy part of town, past a warehouse nightclub, and down the road we entered the city in. After miles of walking we get back to the hotel and I use the wifi to check in with friends to let them know what we’ve been up to and most importantly check in on my dog who I already miss. Then, tired from a week of early mornings and todays early departure I take a nap in my soft hotel bed. Despite usually getting up early while on vacations I always sleep well in the soft, almost mushy hotel beds. That mixed with the excitement of what the next day will hold always makes getting up easy.

Once I wake up about two hours later we head to the casino across the street. I do enjoy gambling in Canada with the current exchange rate-$60 US gets us almost $80 Canadian, which I split with my mother. However, after turning $40 into $120, I get greedy trying to make more and lose it all.

It’s after nine and we object to a large dinner and head to a chain sports bar called Shoeless Joes. We’re seated by framed hockey jerseys from Canadian and American teams but I’m disappointed when there’s no representation of my team the Detroit Red Wings.

Our waiter has the same tired burnt out look I get after waiting on tables all day and I pity him.

Once dinner is finished we head back to the hotel and get some sleep for the next day.


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