I’ve started planning some travel goals for myself. Realistically I probably won’t be able to visit every country on Earth, but I’ll be content with seeing as much as I can. That being said I’ve created 3 goals I want to reach in my life when it comes to traveling.

1. See all 50 US States. I feel like I can’t see the world without appreciating what I have here at home. So far I’ve seen 22/50, including ones I’ve just driven through, and the District of Colombia. I’m almost half way there and definitely will try to reach this.

2. Back pack across Europe. This may be a little cliche but it’s something that I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve made the ultimate list of places I want to visit in Europe on a month long excursion. Now I just need to find a way to execute it.

3. Set foot on every continent. Yes, even Antarctica. If I can visit at least 1 country on all 7 continents I will be ecstatic. 

What are some of your travel goals? Share them below!


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